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Heatmap Software for ESG & Operational Risk Leaders

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Visualize Data Beyond Traditional Reporting Models for Enhanced Business Insights

Increased transparency into business operations creates unlimited opportunities for program improvements, risk reductions, and intelligent performance assessments. With heat mapping software, you can easily visualize operational data to capture a deeper, more holistic view of your organization.

Mapper, the heatmap software solution from Benchmark ESG, provides ESG and operational risk leaders with a modern and interactive mapping tool to create and share a complete view of their organizational footprint. Geographic mapping of site locations—along with GIS-based heat maps to integrate and overlay views of global and internal health, safety, and compliance risks—can power your operational management for more informed cross-functional decision making.

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Create and Share Holistic Views to Readily Identify Operational Risks

Increase operational transparency to improve risk assessment and governance
Visualize, at a glance, high-risk sites with overlays of incidents and concerns tracked in Benchmark ESG applications
Make informed decisions on operational and supply chain disruptions with real-time views of Covid-19 hotspots, aggregated from leading global health agencies
Boost communication with key stakeholders and trigger action on operational risks

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach ESG success.

Make Risk Detection Easy with Heatmap Software from Benchmark ESG®

Visualize your organizational footprint alongside dynamic overlays of operational, safety, and compliance data for crucial real-time insights. With Mapper from Benchmark ESG, you’ll gain a singular view of potential performance disruptions so you can act fast to prevent them.

As a fast-growing company with multiple sites, we can see critical EHS data from afar. The best thing about Benchmark is that it is user-friendly for our team, encouraging accurate reporting and data from our front-line users through intuitive interfaces. We receive great data from Benchmark, and to me, that’s what matters most in EHS software.

– EHS Director

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Establish direct, efficient and secure data connection between Benchmark applications and external IT systems based on industry standard Application Programming Interface (API) infrastracture.

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Discover how a holistic, at a glance view of your organization can help you improve risk assessments, make timely decisions, and protect employee health and safety

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