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Streamline Incident Management with Incident Tracking Software for Risk Management & Compliance Leaders

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Seamlessly Report, Follow Up, and Investigate Environmental, Health & Safety, Quality, and Security Incidents

The top priority for risk and compliance leaders is to protect their organization’s most important asset—their employees. With a standardized approach to incident reporting and investigation, you can establish a strong culture and reduce workplace incidents while ensuring your organization meets state or national regulatory requirements.

Benchmark’s Incident Management software enables cross-functional teams to easily record incident details, whether they are injuries, illnesses, safety, quality or security events. You can also notify key members of incident updates in real time, conduct thorough incident investigations, and perform root cause analyses (RCA).

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Use Incident Tracking Software to Improve Incident Management Program Visibility, Ensure Compliance, and Minimize Workplace Risk

Report and investigate a variety of incidents from initial injury or illness report to resolution
Integrate with occupational health, medical, and Workers’ Compensation systems for comprehensive case tracking and program management
Identify trends, take corrective action, and share best practices across the enterprise to prevent future occurrences
Produce site metric and regulatory reports with out-of-the-box reporting and charting capabilities

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach ESG success.

Keep Your Cross-Functional Teams Informed & Protected with the Industry’s Most Advanced Incident Management Solution

Benchmark Incident Management software enables your teams to easily identify, analyze, and correct incidents and events to restore your workplace operations and protect against future occurrences. Through seamless integration with other Benchmark Gensuite solutions, you’ll have the power to ensure effective and comprehensive case management with full program visibility from initial reports to closure.

“Event reporting in particular, and the ability to flag high and potentially high severity incidents, has resulted in incident visibility and detailed reporting parity, which we didn’t have with our previous system, and a confident reassurance that lessons learned and actions to mitigate future recurrences are being documented and built upon.”

– EHS Manager & Benchmark Gensuite Subscriber

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Powered by advanced technologies, Benchmark Tech accelerates and delivers digital transformation across every platform. And it’s integrated with every Benchmark Gensuite subscription.

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Access detailed data and insights to make clear decisions and drive actionable, operational change.

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Our AI-powered solutions produce actionable insights and help companies identify and plan for risks.

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Computer Vision

Utilize Artificial Intelligence and facility camera systems to monitor site operations and job tasks to identify risks and incidents for timely follow-up through Benchmark applications.

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Establish direct, efficient and secure data connection between Benchmark applications and external IT systems based on industry standard Application Programming Interface (API) infrastracture.

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