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Quickly Report & Capture Precise Data for Quality Events​

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Ensure Prompt Corrective Actions, Regulatory Compliance, and Overall Quality Program Improvement ​with Quality Management Software

An effective Quality Event Management workflow requires complete & accurate data with clear, consistent investigation processes to swiftly address escapes, complaints, and issues; drive closure on corrective actions; and expedite regulatory reports & performance tracking. Benchmark Gensuite Quality Event Management (QEM) solution is a comprehensive quality management software that streamlines and standardizes the entire quality event management process, from inception to closure, across the enterprise, enabling users to efficiently track and manage quality events, customer complaints, and their statuses, as well as generate smart, intuitive reports to identify trends and formulate corrective and preventive action (CAPA) measures.

Benchmark Gensuite's quality management system is a highly integrated solution that can be connected with a variety of third-party systems, including ERP systems and allows organizations to streamline their quality event management processes and improve data visibility across the enterprise.

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Why Quality Event Management for Your Quality Program? ​

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Capture Complete and Accurate Data:

Comprehensive Quality Event forms ensure that all relevant information is captured and stored accurately.

Leverage a Clear and Consistent Investigation Process:

Take advantage of a variety of tools and templates to support the investigation processes, such as 5-Why, Fishbone, and 8D.

Real-Time Visibility and Tracking:

Get real-time visibility into the status of all quality events, complaints, and issues, enabling users to track their progress and take prompt corrective action.

Foster Collaboration and Communication:

Facilitate collaboration and communication between team members involved in the quality event management process, such as quality engineers, product managers, and customer support representatives.

Identify Trends:

Robust reporting and analytics help users identify trends, track performance, and make informed decisions about quality improvement.

Learn how you can easily manage quality event reports from start to finish to continuous improvement with quality management software.

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Features & Benefits​

Handle Quality Event Reports Completely & Efficiently and Drive Organization-Wide Improvement​

Mitigate & Prevent Quality Events ​

Record & investigate a variety of quality issues; then identify root causes & spot trends quickly to implement effective corrective actions.​

Streamline & Simplify Investigations​

Swiftly address escapes, complaints, and issues, expedite regulatory reports and performance tracking, and formulate corrective and preventative action measures to mitigate future issues.

Improve Quality Management Programs​

Integrate with other systems & solutions for comprehensive program visibility, including Quality Concern Reporting, Action Tracking System, Continuous Improvement, FMEA, and 8D Manager.

Experience Streamlined & Simplified EMS - ERP Business System Integrations​ with The Benchmark Gensuite® Advanced Digital Infrastructure & Tools​

Leverage the Benchmark Gensuite® ​ secure integration infrastructure to seamlessly incorporate existing Enterprise Management Systems (EMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into powerful Quality Management & Data Management solutions.​

Provide insights to key stakeholders on compliance status, quality risks, and performance​ quickly and effortlessly.

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Comprehensive Quality Management:

Resolve issues, manage audits, and mitigate risks.​

On-Time Closure:

Monitor real-time containment & corrective action plans.​


Engage employees in quality concerns to increase accountability.​

Built-In Analytics:

Define, measure, & improve on program requirements.​

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