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Regulatory Compliance Management Software with Integrated ESG Monitoring

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Track Regulatory Changes and Updates with Ease to Simplify Compliance & Manage Risk

Regulations are constantly changing and updating from month to month, region to region. Operation managers and site leaders need those updates to see how they will affect operations, what actions to take if they are affected, and have it all backed up by the most accurate data. Searching for those updates and implementing what’s necessary to mitigate risk and maintain compliance takes time, however.

Reg Tracker is a regulatory compliance software solution that can help the most complex, widespread operations navigate the regulatory landscape with ease. Integrations with third-party content providers Enehsa, STC, and RegScan empowers you with the most up-to-date and accurate regulatory information and changes so you can respond in a timely way to manage risks and maintain compliance. Automate the tracking of jurisdiction-specific developments and changes through these integrations and be proactive in taking the necessary actions on proposed regulations. Customizable dashboards and monthly email notifications will provide dynamic at-a-glance content that’s relevant to your operations so you can quickly get the word out to the rest of your team.

Enhance your regulatory and compliance processes when you integrate Reg Tracker with Benchmark ESG solutions Action Tracker System (ATS) and Compliance Calendar. You can see what your actionable items are and ensure they’re done on time.

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Respond Quickly and Effectively and Avoid Compliance Gaps Through Third-Party Content Integration with Reg Tracker Regulatory Compliance Software from Benchmark Digital®

View relevant regulatory updates summarized in a customizable dashboard
Receive monthly personalized email updates
Flag, tag, and forward critical information to the rest of your team
Check regulations based on jurisdiction and view reports from 30, 60, or 90 days
Set up escalating regulatory updates as one-time or recurring compliance tasks to either a single or multiple sites

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach EHS & ESG success.

Stay Up to Speed with Crucial, Timely Regulatory Updates via Reg Tracker Regulatory Compliance Software

With Reg Tracker from Benchmark ESG®, you’ll never miss a beat—with expert-developed content from integrations with third-party providers empowering you to translate regulatory updates into action.

“Overall a great platform to help keep track of regulatory obligations and other upcoming tasks. Currently using a small selection of their many offerings to meet our company’s needs but the platform has a wide variety of options to meet any requirements.”

— Michael I.

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