Risk AI Advisor

The AI Sentinel that Spots Significant Risks & Precursors in Real Time​

Risk AI

Transform Workplace Safety Through Instantaneous AI-Driven Insights​

Enterprises with distributed and diversified operations face ongoing challenges managing the valuable but continuously incoming stream of incident reports, employee-shared concerns, safety observations, inspection findings, and more. Identifying hidden risks, their locations, and trends in the data can be like finding a needle in a haystack!​

Introducing the Risk AI Advisor, a game-changing AI & analytics solution from Benchmark Gensuite that monitors, identifies, and mitigates risks across operations in real-time.

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Why Risk AI Advisor for Your Safety Data Analytics? ​

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Fast Advisory Insights:

Pinpoint top risks & key risk precursors with state-of-the-art AI technology, backed by the expertise of seasoned health & safety professionals with over 25 years of experience.

Clear Reporting:

Out-of-the-box Tableau® Analytics reports enable you to dissect large data sets and identify where your attention & efforts are most needed.

Automatic Notifications:

Instantly alert key stakeholders to pressing concerns, empowering leaders to make data-driven, informed decisions fast.​

Steadfast Vigilance:

Never miss a critical detail with Risk AI continuously monitoring & analyzing incoming data from all corners of the enterprise.​

Unparalleled Visibility:

Spot, track, and quickly handle precursors and trending operational risks.​

Discover How You Can Revolutionize Safety with this Powerful AI Technology.​

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Features & Benefits​

Improve Safety Performance and Prevent Serious Incidents Before They Happen​

Specialized AI​

Ongoing data streams from across the enterprise are monitored by the AI that emulates experienced health & safety leaders.​

Customized Notifications & Alerts​

Ensure key stakeholders & decision-makers are only seeing data that’s relevant to them.​

Seamless Integration​

Connect with other Benchmark Gensuite solutions through the unified platform to pull data and drill down for fast follow-up.​

Uncover Deeper Operational Insights Across Multiple Applications​

Risk AI Advisor seamlessly pulls in data from various sources in the Benchmark Gensuite platform to process organizational injury, event, concern, and safety observations logged across solutions.​

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Incident Management​

Report, follow-up, and investigate EHS related incidents to standardize reporting and identify trends.​

Safety Observations

Proactively track & manage workplace safety by putting the power to log observations into the hands of your workforce.

Blue Computer Monitor with Graphic Instant Insights
Instant Insights

Analytics & reporting for cross-functional leaders, supporting best practice charting & reporting components into a dashboard.

Concern Reporting​

Manage employee safety-related concerns and near misses to respond quickly to issues and identify improvements.​

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