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Easily Manage Site Chemicals for Safety and Compliance Improvements

Maintaining accurate chemical and product constituent information that is easily accessible and up-to-date is imperative for employee health and safety and compliance assurance. Benchmark Gensuite Safety Data Sheet (SDS) software provides instant access to chemical and product lists, streamlining regulatory reporting and promoting transparency in hazard communication—by providing employees instant access to a centralized repository of 200,000+ up-to-date SDSs and 120,000+ Globally Harmonized (GHS) SDSs from any location.

With SDS, sites can easily track approved chemical product inventory and usage and perform constituent analyses with associated SDSs, including GHS pictograms and precautionary and hazard codes.  Manage new chemical approvals and product materials effortlessly, quickly compare site SDSs with chemical regulatory lists for compliance assurance, and print GHS labels to simplify chemical hazard communications. And with AI-powered insights into chemical risks and toxicological human harms, you can make more informed decisions about the chemicals used throughout your organization to increase the health and safety of your workers.

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Why SDS Software for Your Chemical and Hazmat Management Program?

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Gain Wide-Spread Accessibility:

Provide open access to search and view multilingual SDSs on desktop and mobile with integrated QR codes.

Increase Compliance:

Ensure safety and compliance by comparing chemical regulatory lists with your approved chemicals.

Collect Expert Reviews & Approvals:

Streamline chemical and product requests and approvals with intuitive workflows.

Simplify Hazard Communications:

Quickly design and print GHS container and shipping labels.

Promote Chemical Transparency:

Easily print container and shipping labels, including precautionary and hazard statements, with Avery Design & Print Wizard.

Learn how SDS software can help you create instant accessibility to all your SDSs and streamline regulatory reporting.

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Features & Benefits​

SDS Management and Regulatory Reporting Made Easy

Effortlessly Maintain Safety Data Sheets

Digitize all SDSs across the company to ensure your chemical health and safety information is always current and precise.

Enable Employee Access from Anywhere

With mobile capabilities, your employees can access vital chemical product information from any worksite and initiate new chemical approvals with ease.

Simplify Hazardous Material Handling

Leverage turnkey SDS online content, intuitive approval workflows, and regulatory reporting comparisons to simplify handling and assure compliance.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Chemical & Hazmat Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact. Learn more about our Advanced Tech & AI.

Identify emerging chemical risks & toxicological impacts of the chemicals used across your operations— powered by Praedicat.

IoT & Wearables

Integrate wearables and IoT tech & devices with the Benchmark Gensuite platform for environmental & safety monitoring.

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Benchmark Gensuite Mobile

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.

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Centralize Chemical Product Inventory: Maintain up-to-date, digital SDSs.

Reduce Health & Safety Risks: Centralize and automate hazard communications.

Expedite Chemical Product Approvals: Streamline chemical review & approval workflows.

Increase Chemical Compliance: Screen country-level regulations to ensure compliance.

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