Platform APIs

Connecting Systems for Maximum Interoperability​


Securely and Seamlessly Exchange Data to Enable Business Processes, Initiate Workflows, and Generate Insights​ with System APIs

Making well-informed, business-critical decisions backed by operational and performance data requires maximum visibility into all your cross-functional systems. However, many organizations still operate with disparate systems that can’t integrate with one another—resulting in fragmented workflows and a limited view of organizational data.​

​ Benchmark Gensuite offers a wide range of platform Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect external data within the Benchmark Gensuite platform and securely exchange data to generate advanced operational insights. Using industry-standard data security, our system API interface includes access authentication, encrypted end-to-end data transmission (SSL), and comprehensive API documentation.

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Why Platform APIs for Your Advanced Technology and Data Analytics Solution? ​

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Integrate External Data:

Lookup or use external data within the Benchmark Gensuite system, including employee information from an HR Directory or an hours worked data feed.​

Seamlessly Enable Workflows:

Initiate a workflow from an external system, such as logging data records like a near miss from an IoT sensor.​

Easily Share Data:

Publish information to external sources including metrics to a company website.​

Rely on Data Security:

Exchange data securely using an industry standard data security framework.​

Build A Harmonized Digital Ecosystem:

Benefit from over 20+ Benchmark APIs, ready for interoperable systems and integrations for extensive application compatibility.

Learn how you can increase your productivity with advanced technology solutions.​

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Benchmark Gensuite Applications APIs

Ready for Interoperable Systems Integrations

Action Tracking System

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Platform APIs seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

IoT Wearable Technology​

Electrical Risk Alerts

Detect high or alerting voltage incidents and near misses and automatically log events and notify stakeholders for follow-up using integrations with Benchmark Gensuite Concern Reporting and Incident Management.​


Hazard Identification​

Ensure the safety of your workforce and worksites with reliable, consistent, and uninterrupted vigilance for potential hazards and risks and automatically log concerns using Benchmark Gensuite Concern Reporting.​

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Enhance Your Programs:

Use your solutions on the go with Mobile and simplify your access with Genny®, your dedicated virtual assistant.​

Streamline Processes:

Seamlessly integrate, transform, & publish data across your organization.​

Boost Efficiencies:

Tie in IoT & wearable devices for advanced environmental and safety monitoring.​

Magnify Impact:

Uncover deeper key operational insights with AI-powered solutions.​

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