ESG is indispensable! As global regulatory ESG standards evolve and investors adopt more sophisticated ESG strategies, businesses everywhere are facing mounting pressure to not only report their ESG data but to continuously improve ESG performance.

In this complex ESG ecosystem, organizations are responding to stakeholder demands by reporting under globally accepted frameworks including CDP, GRI, SASB, and TCFD and regionally mandated frameworks like SEBI’s requirement for the top 1000 listed companies in India to report ESG metrics under the Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) framework.

Join us for our 5-part ESG Masterclass webinar series and learn how your business can navigate the complex and evolving ESG landscape, assess and report ESG metrics material to your organization, and explore the power of digital in streamlining your ESG program!

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Navigating the ESG Ecosystem: Building the Foundation for Your ESG Program

In Part 1 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass series, ESG experts will briefly address the E, S, and G pillars in ESG, setting the stage for the upcoming in-depth explorations of each pillar in the series ahead.
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A Deep Dive into the E in ESG

How do your organization’s operations and that of your supply chain affect the environment? In Part 2 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass webinar series, ESG experts will address this central question, breaking down the key components of your environmental footprint including greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste and pollution, and land use and biodiversity. 


The S in ESG

Social metrics are an important indicator of ESG performance. In Part 3 of our Comprehensive ESG Masterclass series, our ESG experts will take a closer look at the ‘Social’ pillar in ESG and explore the social factors that can affect a company’s ESG performance – from the gender composition of your workforce to the health and safety implications of your product and human rights practices across your supply chain.

The G in ESG & Decoding Investment-Grade ESG Data

The ‘Governance’ pillar involves decision-making governance considerations and the risks and opportunities associated with corporate governance practices. While considered an underdog in the current ESG landscape, Governance sets the stage for top-down policies in your organization that affect E and S execution and performance at every level of your enterprise. 

ESG Reporting: Strategy, Frameworks & Digital Transformation

Collecting E, S, and G metrics requires robust cross-collaboration and pulling in data from across your finance, EHS, HR, CSR, supply chains, and more verticals. Collected data also needs to be reported under frameworks including BRSR, CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD, and more! Managing your ESG program manually can be a time-consuming and expensive!

Meet the ESG Masterclass Team

ESG Expert and Masterclass Lead
ESG Expert and Masterclass Lead

Shankar Rajagopalan
ESG Consultant

Digital ESG Expert
Digital ESG Expert

Chandan Tiwari
Associate Director, Subscriber Development, Benchmark ESG Private Limited

Digital ESG Expert
Digital ESG Expert

Ayush Vidhardhan
Lead Specialist, Subscriber Development, Benchmark ESG Private Limited

Masterclass Co-Ordinator
Masterclass Co-Ordinator

Elishia Vaz
Specialist, Subscriber Development, Benchmark ESG Private Limited

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