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Automate Risk Identification and Follow-Up Workflows


Enhance Safety Risk Management with IoT Wearable Technology for Connected Workers and Assets

Increasing the safety of workers in different work environments and around various equipment is a top priority for organizations across industries. Wearables and broader Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have presented viable solutions to identify and alert safety risks in real-time and provide valuable insights to overall safety programs to discover deeper insights into safety risks and trends related to your employees, work sites, and equipment. ​

​Benchmark Gensuite is seamlessly integrated with multiple safety wearable and IoT solutions to help companies and sites apply standardized workflows and consolidate data points within their enterprise EHS management platform. Safety risk data captured by a wearable device can automatically generate a safety concern report within the Benchmark Gensuite Concern Reporting application and initiate a workflow to notify supervisors and EHS leaders. Standard follow-up processes and data analytics can be applied to these data records, simplifying and automating traditional manual data inputs. Leveraging these IoT wearable solutions for increased data, companies are able to extract more valuable and in-depth safety insights, including uncovered risks, trends, and shift-based risk levels.

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Why IoT & Wearables for Your Integrated Advanced Technology and Safety Performance Improvement Program? ​

Create a Connected Workforce:

Use the data streams coming from IoT and wearable technology to access deeper data awareness for comprehensive and actionable insights on risk across your operating profiles. ​

Electrical Risk Alerts:

Detect high or alerting voltage incidents and near misses and automatically log events and notify stakeholders for follow-up.​

Heat Stress Exposures:

Capture key data points related to biometric data for heat stress, such as heart rate, body temperature, and more and log a near miss for investigation. ​

Ergonomic Safety Monitoring:

Receive real-time and continuous monitoring for bad bends, twist speeds, tilt angle, and more to initiate follow-up workflows and capture data reporting and analytics.​

Location and Event Detection:

Integrate sensors on safety equipment or PPE to detect if an employee or pedestrian enters its safety zone to prevent incidents and log near misses.

Learn how you can transform your safety and risk improvement programs with advanced technology solutions.​

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Features & Benefits

Tap Into Integrated IoT & Wearable Solutions to Automate Risk Identification and Follow-Up Workflows

Automate Risk Monitoring & Alerting

Detect pre-determined thresholds for heat stress, electric hazards, ergonomic risks, location proximity, and more to increase workplace safety.​

Standardize Safety Management Workflows

Automatically initiate workflows within Benchmark Gensuite applications using notifications from IoT & wearable devices.​

Augment Safety Data Sources and In-Depth Insights

Increase the amount of data you can capture for comprehensive and in-depth insights and better informed decision making.

Partner with Leading Technology Experts​

Install leading wearable technology—including armbands, sensors, and alarms—and integrate the data compiled into the Benchmark Gensuite platform.​

Uncover Deeper Operational Insights Across Multiple Applications​

IoT technologies and wearables can seamlessly integrate data with operational safety applications throughout the Benchmark Gensuite digital platform to log, alert, notify, process, and initiate workflows for critical safety concerns—enabling swift, decisive response.​

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Incident Management

Report, follow-up, and investigate EHS related incidents to standardize reporting and identify trends.​

Purple Action Tracking Icon
Action Tracking System​

Define corrective & preventative actions, set closure targets, and ensure timely response to address actions.​

Green Transparent Concern Reporting Icon
Concern Reporting​

Manage employee safety-related concerns and near misses to respond quickly to issues and identify improvements.​

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