Mitigate Supply Chain Risk and Improve Supplier Compliance & Performance

Assess supply chain risks and drive supplier performance improvement throughout the supply chain
Supply chain continuity concerns and proliferation of global standards for supplier performance are driving the need for robust supply chain management solutions. Benchmark’s supplier management software helps organizations assess supply chain risks and engage suppliers to address compliance and performance gaps. Global teams can perform on-site and desktop supplier audits to identify issues and improve supplier performance while deploying best practices across the supply chain.

The Benefits of Benchmark’s Supplier Management Tools


Mitigate supply chain risk globally

Embedded analytics


Assess and improve supplier performance


Centralize supplier data and documentation

Ensure Product Transparency & A Healthy Supply Chain with Our Stewardship Solutions

Supplier Risk & Auditing

Enhance your global supply chain risk management to protect your reputation and prevent disruption to your business.

Responsible Sourcing & Conflict Minerals

Ensure supply chain continuity and supplier conformance with ESG commitments.

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Benchmark Tech

Advanced technology, fully integrated, continuously enhanced, and included with every subscription. Leverage Benchmark Tech for Mobile, Analytics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and more to accelerate and magnify the impact from your deployment of Benchmark | Gensuite platform.


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