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Delivering on ESG and key compliance commitments to your workplaces and communities, requires a level of stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and informed decision making only possible through an enterprise digital platform and enabling technologies.

Benchmark ESGTM | Gensuite® integrates frontier technology as an essential and integrated complement to its robust, best-practice-based digital platform with best-in-class operational workflows and actionable insights & decision support capabilities.
Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and collaboration tools such as U Connect™ to engage employees and stakeholders more impactfully and better inform decision making. Extend best-practice workflows with emerging technologies such as augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) and enable system interoperability with Benchmark APIs and IoT technology for cross-functional information sharing and enterprise-wide value.

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Frontier Tech Line-Up

Power Your Industry 4.0 Transformation with Benchmark Tech
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Benchmark ESG | Gensuite Mobile

Start with mobile and bring ESG operations and management wherever you go

Benchmark ESG Mobile is available to every Benchmark ESG user to help gather real-time data, accelerate issue resolution, and to enhance collaboration. Easily access the entire Benchmark ESG application suite, with full functionality on your phone or tablet to stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

  • Quickly look-up critical information, like Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or LOTO procedures, with QR code scanning capabilities
  • No internet? No problem! Maintain critical business continuity by accessing Benchmark ESG applications and solutions in the field and on the go with Benchmark ESG Mobile
  • Scan surrounding environment & equipment with Mobile camera to access critical information using Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Enhance business productivity by accessing shared files and collaborating on apps and projects with a file upload feature
Green and Blue Ask Genny Logo

Genny® the Virtual Assistant

Engage Your Team & Bring Your Compliance and Management Programs to Life

Engage your teams in ESG operations and Simply tap, type or speak to Genny, making your programs and processes interactive and more efficient!

Take quick action by asking Genny to perform commands including:

  • Site incident briefings
  • To-do action lists
  • Log a safety concern report
  • Search FAQs
  • Display approved chemicals
  • And so much more!
Ai Advisor

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Uncover Deep Operational Insights with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • PSI AI AdvisorTM: The first artificial intelligence-powered solution to identify & resolve scenarios that could lead to Potentially Serious Incidents (PSIs) and define clear, actionable insights for worker protection
  • Sentiment Analysis: Support your team and uncover underlying motivations from feedback by analyzing team engagement and perception
  • ChemAdvisorTM: Harness the power of horizon scanning AI and identify and plan for emerging health and regulatory risks in your material and chemical handling programs.

Training Technology

Enhance the structure & delivery of regulatory and best-practice training
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality: Bring training to life with interactive courses featuring AR & VR enabled technologies
  • My LMS® + Training Tracker: Simplify learning management for training and skill development, operational risk management, and compliance assurance
Blue and Green Analytics by Tableau

Dashboards & Analytics

Deliver data that drives actionable, operational change and decision-making across the enterprise
  • Access a pre-built library of reports or customize to meet specific business needs
  • Create actionable insights with data that powers the analytics continuum from hindsight, insight, into foresight
  • Sentiment Analysis: Support your team and uncover underlying motivations from feedback by analyzing team engagement and perception
  • ChemAdvisorTM: Harness the power of horizon scanning AI and identify and plan for emerging health and regulatory risks in your material and chemical handling programs.
Green and Blue U Connect Icon

U Connect®: In-App Remote Collaboration

Enhance team performance with intuitive tools designed for maximum engagement & collaboration
  • U ConnectTM: Connect your workforce and collaborate with remote experts and colleagues in real time, directly within the Benchmark ESG Platform
  • Accessible within all Benchmark ESG applications, share directly from our platform to connect remotely via your desktop or mobile application and pair with supporting technologies
  • Enhance collaboration and visibility for activities including audits and inspections, lockout tagout, PPE management, equipment maintenance, incident investigation, corrective actions, and more!
Green and Blue IoT Logo

Connected Worker / Internet of Things (IoT)

Tap Into the world of IoT to Enhance Decision Making and Process Improvements

  • Location Sensors​, Beacons & Wearables: Integrate wearable & smart devices for worker safety and productivity
  • Smart Glasses:​ Integrate for remote presence and content delivery at the point of use (e.g., remote auditing, paired with Mobile)
  • 3rd Party Application Integration: Connect information across platforms with real-time data processing and high-speed communication 

Maximize Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration with Benchmark Tech™

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Risk + Compliance™
Minimize risk and comply with laws and industry-specific regulations, ISO standards, and corporate policies with our state-of-the-art digital tools for EHS / HSE / SHE compliance.
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Advance your company’s sustainability performance with unmatched digital solutions that enable easy sustainability tracking, goal setting, reporting, and assessments to reduce climate risk.
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Product Stewardship™
Meet your product compliance and responsible sourcing requirements while maintaining supply chain continuity with the help of our product stewardship, global supplier risk, and sustainability digital management tools.
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ESG Reporting
Take your ESG performance to the next level by collecting, using and reporting timely, accurate, complete, and auditable investment grade data with our best-in-class ESG digital management solution.

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