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Manage and Track Your Regulatory Compliance Action Items with Ease

Even the most organized compliance leaders can struggle to manage the complexities of regulatory compliance. Each regulation results in numerous actions—frequency tracking, actions required, documentation, and more. No matter the company size, the inherent intricacies of compliance can be overwhelming.
Benchmark’s Compliance Calendar software allows you to schedule periodic and recurring tasks and obligations, assign responsibility, and track and report task status. With intelligent escalations, you can avoid near misses by sending automatic notifications to key individuals when due dates are approaching. You’ll also have a library of task templates—along with the ability to attach files and notes and sync with Microsoft Outlook Compliance Calendar—for improved efficiency over time.

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Create a Stable & Secure Regulatory Compliance Program with Benchmark Gensuite® Compliance Management Software

Manage regulations, site operations, and business programs using a single platform
Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Benchmark solutions incorporates compliance actions into daily routines
View performance and completion status via powerful charting and reporting capabilities
Standardize compliance management and maintain an institutional memory of regulatory task completion

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Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach ESG success.

Keep EHS Team Members Engaged and on Schedule with Automated Compliance Communications

Communication and timeline management are key to a successful compliance program. Let Compliance Calendar do the work for you with automated email notifications for task deadlines, past-due notices, and completion notifications. With custom configurations, you can ensure your communications meet your company’s best-practice guidelines. By integrating Compliance Calendar with Microsoft Outlook or other messaging software, you can boost engagement with reminders and due dates that fit into your employees’ daily routines.
“Compliance Calendar is a great tool for tracking proactive and reactive action to inspections, incidents and regular requirements.”
– Benchmark User

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Discover how you can improve regulatory compliance, boost engagement, and establish a cohesive company-wide workflow that keeps team members on track with site obligations and business priorities

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