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Track Product Compliance Across Global Regulations​ and Streamline Supply Chain Due Diligence

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Ensure Product Compliance, Support Product Sustainability Initiatives, and Engage Your Supply Chain​

Global product regulatory standards are rapidly evolving. To satisfy compliance obligations and customer demands for information, organizations are challenged with engaging suppliers and internal teams to monitor regulatory changes, understand business impact, and respond quickly to product and supply chain risks.​

Product stewardship software enables cross-functional teams to deliver on global product regulatory obligations amid growing demands from customers, stakeholders, and supply chain continuity concerns. Easily monitor new and updated global product regulations—such as REACH, RoHS, California Prop 65, PFAS, Conflict Minerals, Digital Product Passport, and more—by country/jurisdiction and customizable product attributes to quickly align with your evolving business regulatory priorities. Streamline supplier interactions and data collection and promptly respond to customer requests for product information to increase transparency and automate product compliance determinations.​

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Why Product Steward for Your Stewardship Program? ​

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Capture Regulatory Insights:

Automatically monitor new and updated global product regulations in a centralized platform.​

Gather Supplier Inputs:

Streamline supplier engagement and due diligence with a web-based Supplier Portal.​

Assess Product Compliance:

Easily compare global compliance requirements—such as REACH, RoHS, SCIP, PFAS, Conflict Minerals, Digital Product Passport, and more—against your products and materials.​

Automate Data Collection:

Quickly respond to customer inquiries for product information and sustainability practices.​

Enable Product Sustainability:

Inform decision-making with robust reporting and analytics on product and supplier information to enable product carbon footprint calculations, recycled content tracking, and more.

Learn how you can ensure product regulatory compliance, centralize supplier engagement, and automate data collection with product compliance software.

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Features & Benefits​

Track Product Regulatory Changes and Advanced Product Sustainability Goals​

Manage Product Compliance​

Monitor and track new and updated global regulations with auto-flagging of key supplier/product issues.​

Engage Suppliers in Real Time​

Leverage the Supplier Portal to receive product information directly from suppliers using industry-standard and customizable survey templates and questionnaires. ​

Enable Product Sustainability

Design and produce products that are safer for the environment, workers, and end-users by supporting product sustainability initiatives.

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Product Stewardship solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

DXP | Data Integrator​

Seamlessly integrate, transform, and publish data across your organization & Benchmark Gensuite solutions.​

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs
Platform APIs​

Experience seamless integration & productivity with a harmonized digital ecosystem.​

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Dashboards & Analytics​

Unlock the power of your data through robust visualizations & reports— powered by Tableau®.​

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Unlock the Full Power of our Product Stewardship Solutions Suite​

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Maintain Global Product Regulatory Compliance: Effortlessly monitor and maintain compliance and chemical requirements.​

Engage Cross-Functional Teams: Improve productivity and increase collaboration.​

Mitigate Risks: Reduce supplier risks and address due diligence.​

Support Business Continuity: Integrate with external systems to manage change across organizations, products, suppliers, and regulations.​

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