The Benchmark Risk + Compliance® Suite: Risk Management Software

Empower and unite team members across the enterprise to effectively manage risk and ensure compliance.

The Benchmark Risk + Compliance solution platform can help you operationalize the foundation of your ESG program—so you can minimize risk, enhance safety programs, improve compliance and performance, and deliver on ESG commitments.

Solution categories

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Empower teams with EHS software that provides unrivaled visibility and control of site-based environmental health and safety programs. Ensure your operations meet the highest standards for the health and safety of your workforce.

Safety Management

Our safety management software (SMS) helps strengthen programs and procedures in measurable ways, empowering employees to stay safe with real-time data that provides transparency into incidents and responses.

Equipment Management

Streamline your equipment maintenance process with tools that make it easy to conduct preventive maintenance inspections and history, manage work orders for permits, and perform regulatory compliance assurance.


Equip your workforce with powerful digital tools that provide program insights at a glance, helping you minimize workplace risks, prevent business disruptions, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive efficiency and savings company-wide.


Streamline your equipment maintenance process with tools that make it easy to conduct preventive maintenance inspections and history, manage work orders for permits, and perform regulatory compliance assurance.

Environmental Compliance

Enhance your ability to track and analyze real-time data and trends to ensure you’re continuously meeting environmental requirements and regulations—while harnessing the power of automation to free your team to focus on program improvements.


Ensure your operations and practices meet the highest standards for quality and safety.

Improve efficiency and productivity via automated workflows and cross-functional collaboration across your organization
Assess, mitigate, and manage risks around the globe
Improve tracking and measurement of risk and compliance outcomes
Ensure compliance with global safety and environmental regulations

Benchmark Tech

Powered by advanced technologies, Benchmark Tech accelerates and delivers digital transformation across every platform. And it’s integrated with every Benchmark ESG subscription.

Blue and Green Data Exchange

Data Exchange Layer

Configure, adjust and monitor internal and third-party IT system data connections and integrations with Benchmark applications and workflows.

Blue and Green Analytics by Tableau

Dashboards & Analytics

Access detailed data and insights to make clear decisions and drive actionable, operational change.

Green and Blue Ask Genny Logo

Ask Genny®: Virtual Assistant

Tap, type or speak to Genny to make your ESG operations more interactive and efficient.

Ai Advisor

PSI AI Advisor™: Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered solutions produce actionable insights and help companies identify and plan for risks.

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs

System Interoperability APIs

Establish direct, efficient and secure data connection between Benchmark applications and external IT systems based on industry standard Application Programming Interface (API) infrastracture.

Comprehensive ESG & EHS software solutions

Benchmark Risk and Compliance Icon
Risk + Compliance
Minimize risk and comply with laws and industry-specific regulations, ISO standards, and corporate policies with our state-of-the-art digital tools for EHS / HSE / SHE compliance.
Sustainability Icon
Advance your company’s sustainability performance with unmatched digital solutions that enable easy sustainability tracking, goal setting, reporting, and assessments to reduce climate risk.
Benchmark Stewardship Icon
Meet your product compliance and responsible sourcing requirements while maintaining supply chain continuity with the help of our product stewardship, global supplier risk, and sustainability digital management tools.
Benchmark ESG Reporting
ESG Reporting
Take your ESG performance to the next level by collecting, using and reporting timely, accurate, complete, and auditable investment grade data with our best-in-class ESG digital management solution.

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