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Performance Management Tracking for Operational Improvements

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Drive Program Performance By Tracking Actions Against Established Goals

Establishing objectives and tracking metrics for your EHS program is critical to understanding if it is performing successfully or if there are opportunities for improvement.

The Benchmark Gensuite Ops Metrics application offers an intuitive data input and visualization dashboard for real-time access to operational and compliance metrics by site, department, or business-wide. View auto-generated metrics populated from Benchmark Gensuite’s Action Tracking System, Incident Management, Compliance Calendar, and Training Tracker, or manually create your own custom metrics.  

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Why Ops Metrics for Your Management Program?

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Manage Comprehensive EHS Data:

Track customized operational and compliance metrics at site and department levels.

Automate Reminders:

Ensure timely reporting via email reminders to supervisors and site leads.

Simplify Tracking:

Drive performance against site goals and targets with color-coding comparisons.

Drive Continuous Improvement:

Trend and evaluate performance across reporting periods, metrics, and entities/supervisors.

Monitor On-the-Go:

Access data on-the-go using mobile and table devices.

Learn how you can input, monitor, and analyze the metrics that matter most to achieve program excellence with performance management software.

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Features & Benefits​

Increase Transparency of EHS Programs for Performance Improvements with Operational Metrics

Drive Program Performance

Track program performance against established goals using metrics updated in real-time.

Engage Team Members

Input and view operational and compliance metrics assigned by designated individuals or business entities.

Easily View Progress on Goals

Quickly view progress on goals and targets using red, yellow, and green color-coded comparisons.

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Centralize Documentation Across Teams: Easily search and share documentation to minimize business risks.

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