Uncover Risk Insights with Advanced EHS Technologies and AI Solutions

Uncovering Safety Insights and Streamlining Workflows to Enhance Your EHS Programs

Comprehensive and Connected Technologies for Actionable Insights on Operational Risks

Enhance your digital EHS, Sustainability, and ESG Disclosure Reporting solutions with embedded and integrated technologies that maximize your user engagement, strengthen collaboration, and open new and advanced insights into your operational performance. Built to compliment your EHS tools, our EHS technologies provide increased efficiency, automated workflows, and access to larger pools of data than ever before.

Uncovering Insights, Integrating Data, and Engaging Users with Advanced Technologies

Our extensive offering of EHS technologies work to enhance your data collection, user experience, and insights across our solutions—to improve safety, environmental, operational, and risk programs.

From front line user optimization, program intelligence, and trending, to executive insights and decision support, learn how our three types of advanced technology offerings can help you meet your challenges.

Genny AI: Artificial Intelligence Integrations
Simplifying data analysis and uncovering safety risks in your organization.
Data Transformation and Connection
Streamlining the collection and sharing of data for increased insights and visibility of program performance.
Frontline Accessibility Technologies
Engaging users with their digital EHS solutions to strengthen program performance and tracking of key metrics.

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