Security Program Management Software​

Maintain a safe & secure work environment for your people, facilities, and assets

To keep their everyday operations running smoothly, companies must take the proper steps — and possess the right capabilities— to mitigate risks to their people, facilities, and assets. However, a myriad of tasks go into running an effective security and physical security program, like coordinating timely responses to concerns and incident reports, maintaining clear communications between crucial team members, and ensuring necessary follow-up actions are completed to prevent further risk. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss critical details with antiquated systems like spreadsheets and inefficient, time-consuming manual processes regarding security program management and physical security programs.

Benchmark Gensuite’s integrated security software lets you identify and understand potential security risks and prevent those risks from affecting operations. The Security Program Management, digital solutions suite is designed to heighten your visibility and streamline your physical security management process. Agile, on-the-go features let you efficiently conduct facility risk assessments, review risk profiles, and engage with employees and industry professionals in physical security incident reporting and follow-up processes, whether in the office or the field.

Our Integrated Suite of Security Program Management Tools​

Security Incident Reporting

Security Incident Reporting​

Handle all security incident details, information, assignments, and follow-ups seamlessly and effortlessly​

Grey Transparent Security Concern Reporting Icon

Security Concern Reporting​

Stay on top of security-related workplace concerns with real-time visibility on details & status and maintain employee engagement to closure​

Purple Action Tracking Icon

Action Tracking System (ATS)​

Handle all security incident details, information, assignments, and follow-ups seamlessly and effortlessly​

Green Transparent Icon for Compliance Calandar

Compliance Calendar​

Manage & track compliance action items with ease; maintain visibility on progress toward your initiatives; and ensure future obligations are met​

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Proactive Security Risk Mitigation​

Quickly identify & mitigate physical security risks and concerns with custom risk assessments and employee engagement in security audits​

Comprehensive Support​

Bolster physical security & crisis management plans with integrated investigation tools​

Superior Visibility​

Spot & close program gaps with digitized security audit capabilities; and find key investigation details with centralized reporting & document storage​

Streamlined Response​

Respond to threats and spot trends with integrated analysis and reporting tools​

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“Elimination of paper copies and having this software for employee communication has been extremely helpful. The workforce can tell us in real-time of concerns that will then generate an email to the movers and shakers to get the concern looked at and completed.”

Robert F. | Customer

Features of Our Security Program Management Tools

Quickly review insights on convenient dashboards for precise & efficient data-driven decisions
Decrease response, investigation, and follow-up times with streamlined security concern report logging and escalation workflows
Leverage detailed reports with data visualization and advanced charting to pinpoint trends and gaps
Effortlessly ensure closure on security concerns, related physical security incidents, and status with clear tracking
Keep your teams updated on status updates, outstanding tasks, and responsibilities with auto-generated email notifications
Coordinate across teams, regions, and languages with multilingual options
Integrate with Action Tracking System (ATS) and Compliance Calendar to expedite escalation and follow-up tasks
Ensure no detail goes missing with simplified incident reporting forms and ability to attach additional files

Take Your Program to the Next Level with Advanced Tech & AI​

Our Security Program Management solutions seamlessly integrate with these AI and advanced technologies to increase your insights and maximize your impact.

Blue and Green Mobile App Icon
Benchmark Gensuite Mobile​

Connect on the go for functionality and flexibility wherever work is— from the office to the field.​

IoT & Wearables​

Integrate wearables and IoT tech & devices with the Benchmark Gensuite platform for environmental & safety monitoring.​

Green and Blue System Interoperability APIs
Platform APIs​

Experience seamless integration & productivity with a harmonized digital ecosystem.​

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