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Maintain a work environment that's safe and secure for your people, facilities, and assets.

To keep their everyday operations running smoothly, companies have to take the right steps — and possess the right capabilities — to mitigate risks to their people, facilities, and assets. Integrated security management software lets them identify and understand potential security risks, and prevent those risks from affecting operations. Our software is designed to heighten your visibility and streamline your security management process. Its on-the-go features let you easily conduct facility risk assessments, review risk profiles, and engage with employees and industry professionals in security incident reporting and follow-up processes.

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The Benefits of Security Programs

Quickly identify and mitigate security risks with custom risk assessments
Support security and crisis management plans with integrated investigation tools
Use digitized security audit capabilities to spot and close program gaps
Proactively capture security concerns by engaging employees in security audits
Find key investigation details with centralized reporting and document storage
Respond to threats and spot trends with integrated analysis and reporting tools